Rhodes Massage Therapy

Ryan really helped me with two major areas of pain. 1st was my low back, I had suffered from low back pain for over 10 years, at times I was barely able to walk. I went to countless proffessionals, had MRI's and was even contemplating surgery. I had spoke to Ryan about this and he said that he might be able to help. After about two months of therapy, I am pain free and I only come to Ryan for routine maintenance. The 2nd area Ryan helped me with was actually more incredible than the low-back. I had suffered with a rotator cuff injury for 15 years, this injury plagued me to the point where there were many nights that couldn't even sleep. I reluctantly told Ryan about it and he said maybe he could help. After about three months of therapy, I am here to tell you that I have absolutely no pain in my shoulder. Ryan is also the most affordable therapist in the area. Feel free to call me to ask any questions.

                                                                                  John Grim (Real Estate Broker)       



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